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Hinata Chronicles Chapter 12: Battle with the spider

After a lot of harsh training from Xion learning new moves, Hinata decided to go home and go to sleep for the night. She was walking passed her father who still had the look that was more concern with other things that depressed Hinata, but she gained some confidence to ignore him. She went to her and went to bed where she couldn't shake the feeling that something bad would happen and she sensed darkness from somewhere.

Elsewhere Xion was walking around the village, she already told Tsunade everything and she was still getting used to the village when she also sensed a incredible darkness.

"No! Don't me that Ansem's back! Why?" Xion thought. She rushed over to the village gate hiding in a near by tree where she saw Sasuke with a backpack on. "Sasuke! What's he doing here?! Don't tell me?!?" She then saw a dark aura around him, she then saw Sakura near him. "Sakura! What's she doing here!? Get away from him!" Sasuke then got behind her and knock her out, and then placed her on a near by bench, afterwards he left through the village gate. After he left, Xion went to Sakura and checked on her. "Whew she's alright, unconscious but alright." She then look in the direction of the village gate. "That darkness, where did it come from? Why didn't I sensed it before!?" Xion thought.

Suddenly she sensed the darkness behind her but before she could do anything she was knocked out by Sasuke. "Don't meddle with what I want to do, Xion." Sasuke said as he walked out of the village gate again.

When Xion regained conscious, she realized it was the early morning  the next day. "Jeez that hurt. Sakura!" She turned to see that Sakura was fine, soon the two jonin ninja known as Izumo and Kotetsu who were running an errand for Tsunade, when they saw Xion sitting at the bench and Sakura unconscious. Sakura wakes up and tells them about Sasuke leaving for Otogakure but she doesn't know why. When Xion hears this she rushes over to the Hyuga compound to get Hinata. Hinata then appears at the front door.

"Xion! What are you doing here? What happened?" Hinata asked. Xion then explained what happened with her, Sakura and Sasuke. "No way! But why!? What does he have to gain by going to Otogakure?"

"I don't know! But we better head to Lady Tsunade as fast as possible!" Xion said.

"Alright!" Hinata said. The two started to go Tsunade when Hinata starting thinking. "Xion, I think I know what's going on, but its only a theory."

"What is it?" Xion asked.

"Remember when you told us about the heartless and nobodies? Well I was thinking, we destroyed Orochimaru's heartless but we never saw his nobody."

Xion then started to realize where Hinata was getting at. "Darn it! Why didn't I think of that earlier!?" Xion though. "But that still doesn't explain why he would want Sasuke!" Xion said.

"I also been thinking of that as well, remember Organization XIII? What if Orochimaru's nobody is recruiting rouge ninja! If he goes through with it he will create a new Organization XIII!"

"No! We must not let him!"

The two then got to Lady Tsunade and Hinata told her about her theory, which angered her. "Well if this theory is true, then we must not take any chances, Hinata find Shikamaru, I told him to get a team  ready to go after Sasuke. I want you to join that team, meet them at the village gate. Xion, I want you to stay here and protect the village with the rest of the remaining ninjas. Now go!"

"Yes my lady." Hinata said.

"Of course." Xion said.

As soon as the two left the office, Hinata went to join Shikamaru at the village gate, leaving Xion alone. "We got to get him back." Xion said tearing.

Hinata rushed to the village gate as fast as she could. "Gotta hurry!" Hinata thought.  When she to the gate, she saw Shikamaru along her fellow teammate Kiba and Akamaru, Choji and Naruto. " Hey guys! Sorry I'm late."

"Hinata! Where were you? I went to the compound to get you but you weren't there." Shikamaru asked

"Sorry about that, Xion and Tsunade told me the situation. What's the plan?"

Shikamaru explained the formation they would be in for this mission, Hinata's role will be to cover there rear from the back in a single line formation.

"Understood, lets go!" Hinata said.

Kiba then looked at Hinata and smiled. "You've gained confidence in yourself, thanks to that keyblade." Kiba thought.

Sakura then came to get joined the group, but Shikamaru refused. "Naruto! I beg you!! I couldn't do it. . . I couldn't stop him! The only person . . . Who could probably save Sasuke is you. . . Naruto. Only you." Sakura said crying.

"Sakura, you really like Sasuke huh?" Naruto said. "I know how much pain you're in because of Sasuke. I can understand."

Sakura started to cry even more. "Naruto. . . Thank you."

Naruto then gave her a thumbs up. "Don't worry! I'll bring him back! Promise of a lifetime!"

"Hey Hey Naruto! You sure you can keep that promise!?" Kiba asked.

Naruto then chuckled a bit. "I won't take back my words! That's my ninja way! Lets go!"

"Well. . . We've wasted quite a bit of time. . . Lets hurry." The five then left the village to go after Sasuke.

(Time jump to after Choji beating Jiroubou)

Hinata has her Byakugan activated. "Whew!"

"What is it Hinata?"

"It seems that there aren't any traps! They must of all though that we were all kill by that big guy!"

"DAMN THEM. . .  FOR UNDERESTIMATING US!" Naruto screamed.

"Yeah but this provide us with the personal opportunity for a counter attack." Shikamaru explained.

(Time jump to after the failed counter attack, now Hinata and Kidomaru are alone to battle)

Hinata activates her Byakugan. "If you want to get my comrades you gonna have to go through me!" Hinata said.

"Well this might be fun, I'll play with you for 3 minutes and then kill you!" Kidomaru said.

"I better keep the keyblade out of this battle until its absolutely necessary." Hinata thought. She then got into her Hyuga style stance.

Kidomaru then started to spit multiple webs at Hinata but she easily avoided them all.

"Come on and fight, what are you a weakling? A coward!?" Kidomaru taunted.

Hinata then came out of hiding and rushed into him, hitting multiple points on his body leaving him in a crater. Hinata then started to pant heavily and started to bleed when Kidomaru got back up and punched her in the gut revealing the curse mark on his body. Hinata was surprised at the marks she saw on his body and started to calm down. "You're strong, but I have no time for you." Hinata said.

Kidomaru then did a summoning justsu, summoning a large spider, soon he released multiple spider at Hinata. " Let's see if you can beat this!"

Hinata then started the "Protection of Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms" forming an invincible barrier, stunning Kidomaru. Hinata then smiled. "Beat it".

Kidomaru then started to get really angry, but strangely he started to laugh. "Well you little bitch, you think those eyes will save you forever, I'll find its weak point." He then disappeared out of sight. Hinata tried to use her Byakugan but she didn't have the time because spiders were coming at her from everywhere, eventually covering her in webs. "Hehe. . . Game over!" Kidomaru then went into his 2nd level curse seal and got a bow and arrow ready to kill her. He then fired his arrow. "NOW DIE" Kidomaru manically said.

"I'm I going to die? I feel like I'm losing conscious. These spiders. . . draing my chakra." Hinata said. She thought of everything she went through up this moment. She started to think of Naruto mostly and his will to never give. "Your right Naruto! If you won't give up then neither will I!" Hinata said. She then started to glow with a bright light that freed her from the web, She then quickly summoned her keyblade and stopped the arrow with her keyblade.

"What! That can't be! No one can stop my arrows! WHO IS THIS GIRL!?"

"My name is Hinata Hyuga, shinobi of Konoha, and more importantly a keyblade wielder!" Hinata proudly said. She then force the arrow back at Kidomaru.

"Whoa!" Kidomaru quickly dodged his arrow. Hinata then rushed in faster then before into Kidomaru and started to rapidly attack Kidomaru. "Gah!" Screamed Kidomaru.

"Your done!" Hinata screamed. "Time for "Ars Arcanum"!" Hinata thought. Her keyblade started to glow and she rapidly starting to attack even fiercely then before. "Now "Ragnarok"!" She thought. She then did three light attacks then back-flipped backwards and multiple ball of chakra then appeared, she then fired them at Kidomaru.

"Gah!" Screamed Kidomaru. "All this power! Where did it come from!? Kidomaru thought as he fell to the ground.

Hinata started to pant even heavier then before, out of breath as she started to walk in the direction of where her comrade were going, until she heard giggling followed with a quick scream of pain. When Hinata turned around, she a web spear almost at her face then she saw Kidomaru's dead body along with Nexus with his keyblade stabbing Kidomaru in the back.

"Hmm, what a sore loser." Nexus said sarcastically. She then turned to Hinata. "Long time know see. . . Hinata."

"What do you want!?" Hinata demanded.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to fight, just talk." Nexus explained

"Yeah right!"

"Hmm, a word from my master. We won't come back in two and a half years."


"My master wants a decent challenge so he is giving you the chance to train and stronger then ever. I want you to hate me, to give more a purpose to work harder. You might remember my face."

"What do you mean!?"

Nexus then removed his mask, shocking and angering Hinata. He was a long-haired boy with eyes like her except it was black around his white pupils.

Hinata then clenched her fist in anger. "Why!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!?. . . NEJI!" she screamed.

"Power! Pure power! I was weak before this power, then I met Ansem and he gave me this incredible power. Don't you see Hinata!? I chose to do this! Me! Of my own free will! So get over it you failure!" Neji/Nexus demanded. He then opened a corridor of darkness. "Good bye, and remember what I told you. Failure!" He then went through the portal and it closed behind him.

Hinata just stood there, angry until she fainted and lost consciousness.
Hinata's battle with a Sound Four member, and the truth about Nexus.

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