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"For someone with no sense of fashion, you throw a good punch," Madoka said as she rubbed her cheek.

Naruko rubbed her cheek and said, "You're not half-bad yourself, for a stereotype."

Madoka glared at her opponent and said, "What did you just call me?"

"A ste-re-o-type," Naruko said, separating each syllable like with a child. "You're so obsessed with fashion that I'm surprised you're even a shinobi. I'd have thought you'd be carrying around a large bag with a small dog all the time and gossiping about useless crap."

Madoka clenched her fists until they bled, saying, "Don't you DARE compare me to those tramps!" She then weaved signs with her hands and shouted, "Water Style: Black Rain!"

Naruko looked above her as she felt something fall on her face. It felt like a raindrop, but heavier than normal. Her eyes saw several black raindrops falling around her, hoping to get her soaked.

Naruko looked back ad Madoka, only to see her throwing a kunai at her. After dodging the kunai, her eyes widened with horror as she saw the paper tag attached to the kunai.

"Crap!" she said to herself as she took to her feet. Soon, the tag exploded, causing a large explosion. Naruko was thrown back to a wall from the shockwave.

Up in the stands, Sasuko exclaimed, "How did that happen? That's way too much power for a simple paper bomb to pull off!"

"It's because of the Black Rain jutsu Naruko's opponent performed beforehand," Sakura explained. "It's not rain the jutsu creates, but oil. Add a paper bomb or any kind of spark, and you've got a powerful weapon in your arsenal."

Hanato put his hands over his mouth and whispered, "Naruko, please be okay."

On the field, Naruko stood up, still shaken from the explosion. She glared at Madoka and said, "Are you that upset about my favorite color? I've heard of going to extremes to get what you want, but that's just reckless."

"Don't try to play mind games with me," Madoka said. "Right now, you're an enemy that must be taken care of. The rules say nothing about us having to let each other live, and if it means having one less eyesore in this beautiful world, I'll gladly kill you and your stupid orange dress!"

Naruko sharpened her glare as Madoka prepared for another attack. "That last attack was just a preview," Madoka told Naruko. "This next one will do its job. Water Style: Black Rain!"

As Naruko started to get covered in oil again, she tried to run out of the way. However, something wet wrapped around her wrist. Naruko looked over to see Madoka wielding a whip made of water in one hand and twirling a kunai with a paper bomb in the other. "Sorry, but you're not getting out of this one. Now that I've got you right where I want you, there's no way I can miss."

Naruko smiled and said, "You've just made the worst mistake you could make." She then ran toward Madoka, who panicked slightly at seeing Naruko running toward her. Naruko grabbed Madoka's wrists and said, "Alright, Gray-Hair, either activate the paper bomb and send us both up in flames, or throw it away and keep your precious beauty intact. Your choice."

Madoka grimaced at Naruko's action, but threw her kunai to the puddle of oil she had made before, causing to explode into flames again.

Smiling, Naruko remarked, "Valuing your own appearance over everything else? In the end, you really are just a stereotype." With that, Naruko head butted Madoka with all her force. Madoka fell to the ground, unconscious from the impact.

Genma Shiranui raised his hand and announced, "The winner of the second preliminary match: Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze!"


"Now that was badass!" Kira said as Naruko came up to the stands.

"I'm amazed at how she's grown since she's been here." Sakuro muttered.

Naruto then gave Naruko a pat on the back. "Nice job out there. You were awesome!"

"Thanks Copycat. She would've had me with jutsu, but she got what she deserved." Naruko smiled.

Hanato then came up to her and blushed. "Good job Naruko."

Naruko then hugged Hanato and kissed him on the lips. "Thanks."

Temari sighed as she watched her student being taken to the medical ward. "I told her not to be so obsessed with fashion. It basically became her downfall." She muttered.

Sakura then came up from behind her. "Don't worry, I think she just need some more discipline."

"Your probably right, I better head back with my team." Temari said as she waved good-bye.


Naruko and Sasuko winced at as they turned to see male Tsunade enraged."Crap. . ." Sasuko muttered.

"I thought that we forgot to tell him something." Naruko muttered.

"I guess this means the male Tsunade found out the truth?" Sakura asked.

"I guess so." Naruto replied.

Sakuro, Kira and Hanato gave them a confused look. "What are you guys talking about?" Kira asked.

Sakuro then got a shocked look on his face. "Does this have to do with that 'Truth about Itachiko'?"

Naruko and Sasuko nodded their heads.

"What was it? This truth about Itachiko?"

Sasuko then got a depressed look on her face. "The truth about my big sister was that. . . she was ordered to kill my clan. . . as a mission by Danza and the two Konoha elders. . ."

Sakuro, Hanato and Kira stared at her wide-eyed as they tried to register hat she just said.

"N-no way!" Sakuro muttered.

(With the Male and Female Tsunade's)

"So your saying that the main reason that Itachiko destroyed her entire clan was because she was ordered to do it as a mission?" Male Tsunade asked.

Female Tsunade nodded her head. "Yup. None of the other Kages believed it but I thought that there was something off with the reason WHY Itachi did what he did. So I went to the elders of this dimension, Homura and Koharu. . ."

"Ah the two old bastards that should have retired a long time ago. Homuro and Kohoru." Male Tsunade said as he toke a glass of sake.

"Yeah well, they're dead in this dimension after I force the answer out of them, confirming it all to be true. Even though they were planning a coup d'eta, it was only cause the disrespect and blame for the Nine-Tailed Fox attack. The elders and Danzo then went behind Saurtobi-Sensei's back and ordered Itachi to do it, even though the Third was going to do peaceful negotiations. After I found out, they were soon publicly executed in front of the entire village, their last words being 'It was all worth it'. Afterwards I dissolved the citizen council altogether just for constantly annoying Sarutobi-Sensei back in the old days and for being pain in the asses altogether."

"Damn, so it was true about Itachiko. That must mean it's the same back in our dimension. You are lucky though for getting rid of that damn council."

"Yeah." Female Tsunade then took another drink. "By the way?" Female Tsunade started to ask.

"Yeah?" Male Tsunade replied.

"After all of this is over, could we go to back to your dimension and force the answers put of them? Even though you know now, I want to see their scared looks on their faces again as we force the truth out of them."

Male Tsunade started to laugh like a madman. "I think they would too shocked seeing a female me in general!"

"Isn't that the truth." Female Tsunade said as she raised her glass. "To the growth of both our Konohas!"

Male Tsunade then raised his glass. "Here here!" They then both started to chug their glass.

(Back with Naruto's group)

". . .and that was the truth of Itachiko." Sasuko finished explaining.

"Sasuko. . ." Sakuro muttered, surprised at what she explained as he then turned to Naruko. "You knew about this?"

"Yeah. . ." Naruko then started to get depressed. "Kakashi-sensei and Captain Yamako also knew of this but we didn't know if it was true or not so we decided to keep it a secret."

"And how do we know for sure this is true?" Kira asked. "Don't get me wrong Sasuko but it sounds a little far-fetched."

"Well during the war, me and Queen Bee well encountered some people that were part of Tobi's forces that were revived undead shinobis." Naruko started to explain.

Sasuko became wide-eyed. "Are you saying that-?"

"Yeah Sasuko, I encountered your sister along with Naoko, aka Pein. She confirmed to me that what Tobi said was true." Naruko said. "After Itachiko sealed Naoko, she went off to stop the Reanimation Jutsu. I'm glad she was actually about to stop the source."

"Naoko, the female Nagato." Naruto muttered, remembering his encounter with Nagato and Itachi.

Sasuko then smiled. "Now I understand what sister meant before."

Naruko then gave Sasuko a confused look. "What do you mean Sasuko?"

"Well. . . I sort of encountered sister during the war."

"You did!?" Naruko asked.

"Yeah. Me and her teamed up to take down Kabuko. That bitch was annoying, espesally with her Sage Mode and-"

"Wait what!? Kabuko had a Sage Mode!?" Narko asked in complete surprised and then got angry. "AGH! Will that bitch stop copying everything I do?!"

"Don't worry, she's dead now."

"Kabuko was-?" Naruto was about to ask.

"Ororo's appentice." Sasuko pointed out.

"Since Ororo was the female version of our Orochimaru then. . ." Sakura said as she fit the pieces together.

"Then Kabuko was the female version of Kabuto! AGH! That copying bastard! Learn your own moves! Stop taking other peoples moves damn it!" Naruto ranted causing Hinata and Sasuko to giggle.

"Alright, the third match of the preliminaries is going to be between Raina Aiko Aburame of Kusagakure and Ayana Tsuchi of Aisugakure." Genma announced.

"Aisugakure, that new Ice village right." Naruko asked.

"Yeah, I heard that their were some Ice Style users that survived and created their own village at the top of the planet, and strangely doing well for themselves." Sakura explained. "This is the first time I'm going to see an Ice Style since Haku."


"All right! Let's do this," Raina said, getting into an offensive stance.

Ayana just stared at her, then said, "I'd rather not waste my time. Surrender and make things easy on all of us."

"Don't even! That tough chick routine won't work on me!" Raina said as she ran over to attack her opponent head-on. Ayana jumped back and threw out her hand, saying, "Flying Ice Daggers!" At once, several daggers forged of ice surrounded Raina. As they started to attack one by one, Raina kept hitting and kicking until the daggers lay broken on the ground.

Letting a small smile appear on her face, Ayana said, "Well, you might just make this fight interesting." She then weaved hand signs, then shouted, "Ice Style: Ice Dragon Jutsu!" Instantly, a large dragon of ice started chasing Raina around the arena. Acting swiftly, Raina leaped into the air and pounded her fist at the dragon's head, shattering it instantly.

Ayana watched on, amused. She thought, "I'm impressed. Normally, it'd take a taijutsu user quite a few powerful strikes to destroy my Ice Dragon Jutsu, yet she did it in only one punch. My guess is she's utilizing the Arhat Fist to make her attacks more powerful. I should keep my distance from her then."

Weaving more signs, she called out,"Flying Ice Daggers" More ice daggers formed around Raina, more than the last time. Raina punched and kicked them away, shattering them, but more kept appearing.

"I'll get nowhere like this," Raina thought. "Well, so much for only using taijutsu." Weaving the proper signs, she thought, "Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique!"

Ayana moved in to attack, but found herself surrounded by leaves. However, as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. Ayana shrugged off the unusual occurrence and prepared to attack again. Her eyes widened in shock at what she saw.

She had somehow been transported back to Aisugakure, but it was on fire, its buildings becoming structurally unstable and falling apart. She wandered around and saw the bodies of her friends, dismembered and bloodied, scattering the streets.

Eventually she came upon her home, which seemed to have taken the blunt of the damage. After a brief inspection, she saw the mangled bodies of her mother and father. Both wore a look of shock and horror on their faces. Feeling despair for being unable to protect them, she slumped to her knees.

In the stands of the arena, Naruto saw the Aisugakure kunoichi fall to her knees and asked, "What's going on? Why'd she stop?"

"It's a genjutsu," Sakura replied. "Raina stopped her with a genjutsu. It's a pretty one-sided match now unless she can escape."

"That's a pretty pathetic way to win a match," Kira replied.

"The match isn't over yet," Sasuko replied.

"It might as well be," Naruko responded. "I know I can never get out of genjutsu without help."

"Only because you don't have the proper control of your chakra to be able to use it like that," Sakuro responded, causing Naruko to look at him in anger.

Sasuko looked down and said, "We'll see if this Ice kunoichi has that kind of control."

In the arena, Raina saw her opponent fall to her knees, eyes staring off into space. "Now's my chance!" she thought as she rushed Ayana, winding up her fist for the finishing blow.

". . .Ice Prison!"

Before she could react, Raina found herself caught in a ball of ice, her head protruding from the top. "Damn it! I can't move at all!" She looked at her opponent, who calmly stood up and sent an icy stare her way.

"I admire your last strategy; breaking down your opponent's mental defenses with a genjutsu is clever. However, be sure you can defend yourself if your target can dispel it."

Summoning her Flying Ice Daggers to surround Raina, she let some of them fly, cutting Raina deeply.

"Those daggers were the ones that hurt the least. The rest are locked on to vital spots. If you don't want to die, admit defeat."

Raina stared at Ayana with a fiery look in her eyes, but hung her head as she said, "I surrender. You win."

Genma Shiranui raised his hand and said, "Winner of Match 3: Ayana Tsuchi of Aisugakure!"

As soon as she was declared the victor, Ayana released her jutsu and freed Raina. "Sorry I had to do that, but you left me no choice."

"Don't even. You did just what a shinobi is supposed to do: succeed no matter what. Can't fault you for that."

Ayana smiled subtly and said, "I hope we can fight again in the future."

Raina looked up and said, "Just don't expect me to fall like this next time."


After a quick clean-up. . .

"Alright, the fourth match of the preliminaries is going to be between Sasuko Uchiha of Konohagakure and Ariel Shi-Okami of Otogakure. Please come down here so we can start the match." he announced.

Sasuko took in a deep breath. "Wish me luck everyone."

Naruko smirked. "As if your gonna lose."

"Naruko, remember that no one should be over-confident." Sakuro pointed.

"Sakuro right Sasuko." Sakura said. "Anything can happen."

Sasuko nodded her head as she turned to Naruto and Hinata, then smiling at them.

"Take her down Sasuko." Naruto said as Hinata nodded her head in agreement.

Sasuko gained a smal blush. "Thanks." She then headed down to the arena.

Back at the Hokage's tower, Shizune was sorting some files while both Tsunades were watching the Chunin, preliminaries.

"Lady Tsunade, you really must stop drinking all this sake, it's gonna kill you one of these days." She muttered.

After a pile of papers fell of the desk, some of them went under the desk, causing Shizune to crawl under the desk to get them.

"Naruto's gonna have a rough time when he becomes Hokage with this paperwork." Shizune then chuckled as she then noticed something wedged between the floor and one of the legs of the desk.

"Hmm, what this?" Shizune then struggled to pull it out. "Come on you!" After about a minute she got it out, revealing to be a journal, Shizune the read the title.

'The Selfishness of the Civilian Council By Hiruzen Sarutobi AKA The 3rd Hokage.'

As soon and Shizune read the title, she instantly started reading until wide-eyed and angry.

"Those bastard. . ." She muttered as she decided to bring the journal to Female Tsunade.

Back at the arena, Sasuko and Ariel were facing each other as Genma then started to fight.

Sasuko immdiately activated her Sharingans while her opponent got into a stance where she crouched her legs and put her hands up as if she was going to chop someone. The two then rushed into each other, trading blow for blow. After a few minutes the two flipped backwards, panting from the fight.

"Your. . .pretty good." Sasuko said.

"Hn. . ." Ariel grunted.

"Ok. . ." Sasuko then felt a rush of chakra coming from Ariel. "What the-?" Suddenly Ariel appeared in front of her and elbowed her in the gut, causing her to get sent flying.

Arial then made a couple of handsigns. "Fire Style!"

"What!" Sasuko said as she tried to move.

"Fireball!" A massive fireball came out of Ariel's mouth as it hit Sasuko's arm as she landed on the ground.

"Ah that stings!" Sasuko muttered as she then took a deep breath. "Ok, you wann play rough, I'll give it to you." She said as lightning started to form around her. "Chidori Stream!" She then sent out a shockwave of lightning though the ground as it toppled the flooring, causing everyone to shield their eyes from the debris and dust.

"A bit far Sasuko?" Naruko muttered from the stands as she and Naruto started chuckling. "We've been through worse Naruko." Naruto muttered to her as he then felt a rush of chakra coming from the arena. "What the?" He then muttered as he then turned to Hinata and Hanato who had their Byakugans on and were shivering. "What's going on?"

Hinata then broke the silence. "That girl Ariel. . ."

"What about her?" Kira asked.

"Something isn't right about her. Her chakra network, there's something off about it. Her chakra. . . it's different." Hinata said

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked.

"Her eyes. . . they are glowing gold and silver at her eyes." Hanato said.

"Is that even possible?" Sakuro asked.

"Who is she. . .?" Naruto muttered.

Back the field, Ariel too out a scroll, as she opened it she brought out a black and red katana. "Let's get to it." She said as she rushed into Sasuko.

Sasuko then took out her own sword. "Let's" As she rushed in as well.

The two then began to clash swords, neither one letting up on each other.

"Lady and Lord Tsunade!" Shizune called out as she poofed into the arena.

"What is Shizune?" Both Tsunades asked in semi-unison.

Shizune then handed female Tsunade the journal. "I think you might want to take a look at this."

Tsunade then opened the journal and started reading.

'Good evening, I am Hiruzen Sarutobi the Third Hokage, also known as the 'God of Shinobi' but whoever is reading this must mean that I must've died in battle, took over as Hokage and must've found this while dealing with paperwork.' Both Tsunades and Shizune sweat-dropped at this.

'The journal you are reading is like the cover says and I pray to Kami and the log that the Civilain Council is disbanded by this time. The Civilian Council has done many things that I was forced into for them out-voting the shinobis.'

"Not any more sensei." Female Tsunade muttered.

'If the founder is the next Hokage, they will need to know this information. If it's Tsunade or Jiraiya, I want them to take Naruto and train him.'

"Jiraiya already trained him for a few year and protect him as they godparents they are and he's already like a son to me." Female Tsunade muttered.

'If Naruto finds this, I have to say that I'm truly sorry for the trouble that civilians have caused and that they forced you into the CRA.'

"WHAT!?" Both Tsunade's yelled in anger. 'I was able to make a compromise with the council, limiting to you choosing your wives and that you can only have two.'

Both Tsunades took a sigh of relief.

'Although it wasn't the same for Sasuke. With him getting Orochimaru's curse mark, I feared that he could one day betray the village.'

"Happened already." Female Tsunade bluntly said.

'I decided before the Chunin finals to the elders that if Sasuke does ever betray the village, he would be forced into the CRA.'

"Now I find out!" Female Tsunade said.

'And if he ever finds out about what the elders and Danzo did and try to destroy the world or something like that, then he would be force to inpregnent any and all lesbian females in Konoha. (Not being his choice of course) I pray to the log that he never does any of that though.'

They stared blankly at what they just read. Female Tsunade's eye twitched.

"Oh you got to be shitting me." She muttered.

"It's about late there." Shizune said.

"He already did it. Same with Sasuko but she no longer is thinking that way." Male Tsunade said.

'They agreed to these terms as it was settled. I pray that everything will go fine and that none of what they said would happen. This is all I needed to say, I need to get ready for the finals. Good luck as Hokage Naruto, Jiraiya or Tsunade. And if it's Danzo finds that then I just wanted to tell you that your a bastard and that I hope you die a horrible and painful death.'

Both Tsunades and Shizune couldn't help but chuckle at that last line.

"Well, we now know about this information." Shzune said.

"So Tsunade, what are you going to do with it?" Male Tsunade asked.

"Well. . ." Female Tsunade started saying.

Back in the fight. . .

Ariel's eyes started to glow, her left eye gold and her right eye silver. "My right eye enhances genjutsu and my left enhances ninjutsu." She bluntly explain. "I don't know if its a bloodline trait but I'll use it when I can." She then closed her left eye. "Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique." She muttered as Sasuko's eyes went blurry.


Ariel grinned slightly and thought, "Now, let's see what kind of nightmare you trap yourself in," as she continued to cast her Demonic Illusion on Sasuko.

Sasuko felt like she was being teleported as leaves began twirling around her. Smirking subtly, she thought, "I can't believe she thinks she can trick me with a genjutsu. I might as well just play along until I feel like breaking out of it." When the leaves stopped, however, she gasped at the sight.

She was in the middle of Konohagakure, but the buildings were torn down and burnt all around her. Flames were still emerging from everywhere she could see. She nearly cried at the sight, especially when she could hear children crying in the background.

"Calm down, Sasuko; this is just an illusion. You can cancel it if it gets too bad." She kept reassuring herself of this fact until she came across a sight she couldn't help but get scared at.

Lying on the ground were her friends, maimed and dismembered unlike anything she had ever witnessed. She gripped her head and closed her eyes tight to get the sight out of her head. However, she ended up tripping and falling to the ground. She looked down to see the mutilated corpse of Naruto.

"Naruto?! Oh, god! What happened? What is this?"

As she started asking herself these questions, Naruto's corpse suddenly picked itself up and turned to face Sasuko. As she held in her scream of terror, the corpse asked, "Why did you do it? I thought you'd given up your quest for power."

Sasuko started to back up and said, "I. . .I did! I would never do this to you or anyone else-"

"Quit lying," Sasuko heard a voice say behind her. Turning around, she saw the dismembered head of Naruko. It continued to talk, saying, "You lied to us back then so we could personally train you and reveal our greatest weaknesses. You haven't changed at all."

"No! You're wrong! That's not who I am anymore!!"

The corpses of her friends, old and new, picked themselves up and surrounded her, taunting her with how she had caused their deaths. Sasuko gripped her head and continued to tearfully cry out, "I AM NOT A MURDERER!!"

"Just quit lying to yourself," a man's voice said.

Sasuko opened her eyes and stared into the face of Sasuke Uchiha.

With a wicked grin on his face, he said, "You and I are the same. We can never know true happiness. The only thing that'll give us joy is the dark depths of others' despair and our desire for revenge."

"He's right. . ." A familiar female voice said.

Sasuko turned around to see herself, but in her old curse mark second stage form.

"I came into existence because of your want for revenge." She then brought out her hand. "Come back with me. Go back to revenge; it's your only place in this damn world."

"No. . . No. . . NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sasuko screamed as she fell to her knees. "I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO YOU!" She then slashed her cursed form with her sword and it disappeared, then with a final scream, Sasuko broke the genjutsu and focused her gaze on Ariel. With a determined look in her eyes, Sasuko thought, "You bitch! I should kill you for that! . . .but I'm not going to. I can't let that genjutsu determine who I am. All it showed was my greatest fear. Now it's time to conquer it!"


Ariel started to back away in fear as Sasuko started to walk towards her. "H-How? How did you break my genjutsu!?"

Sasuko lifted her head, showing that their were tears running down her face. "You made the worse possible mistake with that genjutsu. . ." She threw away her sword.

"What!?"" Ariel asked a surprise tone.

"I will no longer be the person I used to be. No longer I'll be an avenger, obsessed with power for my own gain, and definatly not be like that bastard of a male me."

"Then what will you be!?" Ariel ask as she fell to the ground in fear as Sasuko continued walking toward her.

Sasuko stopped and looked at her friends. "I'll be. . ." She then looked back at Ariel, who was sweating in fear. "A comrade like that won't abandon other. . . a comrade that protects other. . . and finally, " She then disappeared.

"What-!?" Before Ariel could do anything else, her eyes went blurry as she felt a chop to the neck and went unconcouois.

"A comrade that actually has friends. That what will be." Sasuko finished saying as she got her sword back and headed up the stairs.

Genma Shiranui raised his hand and said, "Winner of Match 4: Sasuko Uchiha of Konohagakure!"

As Sasuko headed up back to the group, she muttered something as she was appoarched by Naruko and Saukro.

"Sasuko. . . are you ok?" Naruko asked.

"We saw you crying and well. . ." Sakuro said as he then saw Sasuko smile.

"I'm alright." Sasuko then walked back with them as they rejoined the group.

"That was pretty awesome out there." Kira said. Kiba nodded in agreement.

Sasuko then saw Naruto and Hinata, as she walked towards them, she was blushing as they smiled at her.

"Great job Sasuko." Hinata said with a smile.

"I'm glad your my friend." Naruto said as he winked at her.

At that moment, Sasuko's mind went dead. "So. . . hot." A voice in her head said. "I'll take over for a moment." Sasuko dropped her head, covering her eyes from everyones view.

"Hey Sasuko, are you alright?" Naruto asked as he went up to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

Hinata noticed a blush creeping up Sasuko face and giggled.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Sasuko grabbed the back of Naruto's head. "KISS ME DAMN IT!" She then pulled Naruto into a kiss on the lips, shocking everyone from Naruko's dimension except Naruko.

With both the male and female Tsunade and Shizune. . .

"What in the-!?" Male Tsunade exclaimed as he saw Sasuko making-out with Naruto.

Female Tsunade chuckled. "So she finally did it huh?"

Shizune then sweat-dropped as she handed her some money. "Dang. . ." She muttered.

Male Tsunade turned to his busty female counterpart and Shizune. "Huh!?"

"We made a bet when Sasuko first hugged Naruto when he told her about Sasuke, I said that Sasuko was starting to like Naruto and Shizune betted against me. I guess this mean I won." Female Tsunade said as she watched Sasuko continuing to kiss Naruto. "Damn, she's going at it."

Male Tsunade was lost of words while Shizune kept mumbling to herself.

"I think I'll tell them about the last thing the council did before we disband it." Female Tsunade said as she got up from her seat and head for the group.

Back with the group. . .

"I'm guess that genjutsu was really bad on her." Naruko bluntly said as she started scratching the back of her head.

"I guess so." Hinata said as Kiba nodded in agreement.

"CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT THAT HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?" Sakuro and Kira yelled, completely confused at what was happening.

Hanato was blushing at the sight.

Naruko sweat-dropped and lightly chuckle. "Well Sakuro. . .Kira. . . As you can see. . . while me and Sasuko were here. . . Sasuko sortof. . ." She then chuckled again.

Sakuro and Kira's mouths dropped as Hanato blushed deeper.

"Oh you've got be kidding me. . ." Kira muttered as Kba placed a hand on her shoulder. "Naruto's a playboy!?"

" 'Fraid so." Kiba said as he started to chuckle. "The rumors are true. Naruto can get any girl to like him."

Kira then started to blush at the thought of anyone getting multiple girls liking them without even realizing it.

Sakuro was still getting the thoughts through his head. "Ok. . . let me get this straight. . . Sasuko. . .OUR Sasuko. . . during the time she has been here fell in love with Naruko's male counterpart. . .and she doesn't mind it?" Sakuro starting to sound more depressed.

"Basically, all that in a nutshell." Naruko said.

Sakuro then turned to his female counterpart. "Did you anything about this?"

Sakura chuckled and lightly smiled. "Pretty much."

Naruto and Sasuko seperated from the kiss, Sasuko blushing like mad and Naruto smiled at her.

"Thank you Naruto." Sasuko said still blushing.

"No problem." Naruto said.

Hinata then went up to Naruto as Sasuko went back with Naruko. "My turn now." Hinata said.

Naruto's smile then got wider. "Alrighty then." He cooly said as they then started to make-out.

Sasuko was smiling as she was leaning on the wall when Naruko came up to her. "Hey Naruko."

Naruko smiled at her friend's cheerful attitude. "Hey Sasuko, congrates on winning your match." Naruko then joined her leaning on the wall.

"Thanks." Sasuko then looked dreamingly at Naruto as he kissed Hinata and blush.

Naruko then started to chuckle. "You really love him huh?"

Sasuko nodded her head. "How couldn't I? Besides you, he accepted me for who I am, he helped me realized that there's a better path, and he showed me what I would've been if I continued the path of revenge."

"By him telling you about Sasuke?"

Sasuko nodded her head again. "Yeah, I'm glad I fell for a guy like him. I'm even more glad that Hinata's allowing me to share with him."

Sakuro was depressed as Sakura was comforting him.

"It's alright Sakuro. It's not that big a deal." Sakura said

Sakuro could hear her because he was muttering something about how much a lucky bastard Naruto was.

Naruto and Hinata seperated from their kiss and stared into each other eyes.

"Your such a good kisser." Hinata said with a smile.

Naruto then started to chuckle as they seperated. "Your so cute when you complement someone." Naruto then muttered something.

"What was Naruto?" Hinata asked

Naruto then started to sweat. "N-nothing!"

Sakura got wind of what was happening as an aura of chakra surrounded her. "If he's talking about THAT incident, I'm gonna-!"

"What incident?" Sakuro asked, hearing what she said.

"N-nothing!" Sakura said as she went over to Naruto. "Naruto, come with me." She then started to pull him by the ear as they went into the hallway nearby. "We had an agreement. We would never talk about that Limited Tsukuyomi incident EVER again."

Naruko, Sasuko, Hinata, Sakuro, Kiba and Kira were all listening, but consealing their chakra so they couldn't sense them, but were thinking one thing. "Limited Tsukuyomi?"

Naruto took a deep breath. "I know, I know. It just sort of slipped out for a second when I thought of the other Hinata."

Hinata became confused along with the rest of them.

"Other Hinata? What's he talking about?" Naruko whispered as they all shrugged their shoulders.

"Come on Sakura at least give me a break about it. What about you and the other Sasuke?"

"Now this 'other Sasuke'. . . what are they talking about?" Sasuko muttered.

"Alright, I may had like the other Sasuke, but that was just cause of my old wants for him to like me." Sakura then pouted. "I never thought it would actually happen. . . I actually thought that genjutsu world Tobi created wasn't that bad for a moment."

"WASN'T THAT BAD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? IT WAS CRAZY THERE! Flirty Sasuke that never left the village, Ballistic Hinata, Cat Kiba, Shy Ino, Skinny Choji, Dumb Shikamaru, Lazy Gai, Youth obsessed Kakashi-Sensei, Flat-Chest Grandma and Big Busted Shizune, and let's not mention that Emotional Sai and bug hating Shino."

"What about your parents still being alive in that genjutsu world?" Sakura said, stopping Naruto and shocking Naruko from their hiding spot.

"What. . .!?" Naruko whispered.

Naruto was silent for a moment. ". . . That was one of the only good things about that world. . ."

Naruko then did a fake cough, gathering their attention as she and the others got out of their hiding spot.

"Ah crap. . ." Naruto muttered.

"Mind explaining what your talking about?" Naruko asked, tapping her foot.

Somewhere in another universe, a man with ratty shoulder length black hair and blood red eyes was looking at a television. His unzipped trench coat with blood red flames around the bottom also acted as a straight jacket. This made the fact that he was somehow wearing a pair of ignited pants on his head more impressive than it already was. Under the interesting hybrid clothing was a dark red tee shirt with an odd tribal design on it that looked more like an ink blot. Around his neck was a necklace that had a miniature, yet wicked looking black scythe with a blood red blade hanging off it. His currently ignited pants were black cargos with many pockets, and the boots he was wearing would be normal dark brown steel toed boots if it weren't for the very small jagged spikes jutting from the front and top of them. His boxers were pink with happy white bunnies on them. He was finishing his stolen from the future japanese, english subbed version of 'Road to Ninja, Naruto the Movie' dvd as the televison turned off on its own.

He smiled wickdly at wht happened in the movie. "THE PIES! The pies must be delivered their at once! Only then will the floor and I will have an agreement!"

He then took out the dvd with his teeth and place it back in the case. He then blew up the tv and place the cased dvd where it was.

"PIE DELIVERY!" He cheered as he spat some of his blood on the dvd case.

The dvd case with the dvd in it started to glow light blue as it then turned into an orb of light.

"GO MY PIES! GROW!" He said as the orb did as he commanded and flew off.

That's when a man that was in his late teens to early twenties, roughly six feet tall, give or take, with long brown black hair tied in a semi-low ponytail that reached down to a few inches past his waist. His eyes were hidden by a pair of expensive looking sunglasses, but even without seeing his eyes one could tell that his face was handsome with high cheekbones, a tight jaw line, long bangs that spiked a little, and little baby fat. He wore a pair of loose, tan cargo pants with many pockets that appeared to hold some various sized objects and a brown leather belt to hold it up, a white tee shirt that had a black tribal design in the chest that could easily remind someone of a fancy spinning bulls eye or a windmill, a black trench coat with a hood and short sleeves that extended down to right above his ankles with the silver outline of a fire surrounding the hem up to his kneecaps, tan steel toed boots, and black, fingerless gloves that padded the fingers. "Crypt Oogakari. . .what did you do!?" He asked.

"Pies and combustion trains Ghost." Crypt explained, making no complete sense.

Ghost understand perfectly what he said as his eye started to twitch. "What have I told you about messing with another person's fanfiction universe!?" He did get to finish when heard a dreaded familiar sound.


Ghost froze. That cluck had come from inside Crypt's shirt.

"Shit." Ghost whisper. He then turned around and cupped his hands around his mouth. "MINION NUMBER Q GET OVER HERE NOW!"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT DAMN IT ERO-NIN!" A familiar voice said.

"BOOM!" Crypt said as they both instantly blew up, sending them both into the opposite direction.

All that remained after the smoke cleared was a back chicken as it started to stare at the people reading this part. "DOOOOOM." It then said.

Back with Naruto and the group after explaining what he and Sakura were talking about. . .

"DEMON CHICKEN OF DOOM!" A voice roared out, scaring the shit out of everyone.

"The hell!?" Kiba asked as he suddenly gripped a kunai along with eveyone else.

Naruto looked around as he couldn't find the source. "Ok. . .that was weird. . ."

Back in the arena, Genma did a light cough. "Ok then. . . the fifth match of the preliminaries is going to be between Asuna Dorumi of Yugakure and Maria Kasagara of Kusagakure. Please come down here so we can start the match." he announced.


Naruto and the others went over to the edge of the balcony in time to see the two women making their way to the center of the ring. He recognized the girl in green as a teammate of Raina's.

The purple-haired girl soon caught his attention, however, along with most of the males in the room. She was wearing clothes that showed off her beautiful body, included her considerable bust, but was visibly nervous about most of the stares she received.

"Naruto," Sasuko said as she and Hinata glared at him. Naruto turned and, blushing, said, "Oh, don't worry! I'm not thinking of her like that!"

"You'd better not be," Sasuko said. Then she and Hinata walked to either side of Naruto and grabbed onto his arms, pressing their breasts against them. This got Naruto a little excited as he thought, "Well, if they're trying to make me keep my word. . .they're succeeding!"

In the arena, the purple-haired girl, Asuna Dorumi, looked at her opponent and said, "Well, g. . .good luck."

The girl in green, Maria Kasagara, smiled and said, "Yeah, you too."

Genma cleared his throat and announced, "Match five: begin!"

Almost immediately, Maria pressed her palms to the ground and sent several spikes of wood toward Asuna. At first they seemed to connect and pierce her through. However, Asuna walked toward Maria as he body began to turn into a purple mist. "Boil Style: Violet Steam!" She then turned completely into the purple mist and surrounded Maria.

"Okay, this is new!" Maria thought as she thought of a way to escape the mist. Left with few options, she pressed her palms to the ground again and said, "Plant Style: Vine Locking Wall!" At once, a bunch of vine pillars surrounded Maria and Asuna.

Trapped in darkness, Asuna looked around and tried to find her opponent. Thinking of a way to use the confined space to her advantage, she concentrated her chakra to her limbs and said, "Boil Style: Solid Steam!" At once, bursts of steam blew out from her limbs, making the air in the vine dome thick and moist.

Unable to withstand the intense steam, Maria released the dome and tried to gasp for breath. However, she was given little time to recover as Asuna fired several kunai and shuriken crafted from her steam at her.

Maria decided to try one final attack. Landing on a wall, she pressed her palms against it and said, "Plant Style: Flytrap Prison!" Vines started coming from her fingers and started to wrap around Asuna, forming Venus Flytrap heads along the way. When Asuna tried to escape by using her Violet Steam jutsu, Maria said, "I wouldn't try if I were you. This jutsu not only ensnares a target, but the flytraps on the vines feed on chakra exuded from the target. There's no escape for you."

Asuna smiled and said, "Well, I think you're forgetting that Venus Flytraps are vulnerable against steam." After she said this, she fired another Solid Steam jutsu, this time from her feet, launching herself in the air and withering the Flytrap Prison. As soon as she was free, she raised her hand toward Maria and said, "Boil Style: Hot Water Wave!" At once, a stream of water flew at Maria and hit her. On the balconies, the others could see an immense amount of steam rising from the water.

When it receded, Maria was sprawled out on the floor, clothes wet from the water and skin reddened from the immense heat of the water. She was struggling to breath and couldn't rise from her position.

"Winner of Match Five: Asuna Dorumi of Yugakure!"
The 9th Chapter of the Co-op story. Sorry it took so long. Battles for the Chunin exams continue. Also a breif appearance from an insane seals master and his brother.

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Kind of just like Naruto's luck that he only needs two wives for the CRA, still pretty nice and shows how many girls will be with Naruto unless you plan to change something in the future. Would have been funny to see Naruto with both Uchiha princesses like that one picture on this website called "Naruto belongs to Uchiha"... I think you posted on that picture.

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